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A Publication by Mr. Ubong Udo
A business coach and a Brand Consultant with Longrich Bioscience International.


A brief audio presentation and testimony from one of our beautiful partner

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Today I want to share with you a business that has changed my life completely. A business I started very small not knowing my left and right while striving to succeed in life and step out of my comfort zone.

As a little boy who grew up struggling with life, making my own decisions even at tender age, all I had was a dream and was ready to push against all odds. In 2017 after NYSC, I decided to stay back in Nsukka, Enugu State to start up a life for myself. As Jobs were not forth coming, I tried out different business of which none gave me the life I wanted for myself.

In October 2018, I was introduced to Longrich and I considered it pertinent to give it a trial. Though it wasn’t easy at first as this was a whole new experience but I was willing to learn the robes. Right there in my one room apartment, I started building my business using my phone.

The first few weeks in Longrich was to copy and paste post from my leaders as I kept trying to understand the whole process. I suggest that you need not to know people before you succeed in network marketing. 90% of the people I have personally sponsored came from social media. The question is, what do you do with yours?

The dream of owning a car and paying my bills is now a reality. Yes!!! Longrich is paving ways for testimonies. All you need to do is to start now. Nothing good comes easy but with sustained vigour, focus and patience you will arrive at your destination.

To all partners, the journey is not easy but within a short time you smile when you achieve the goal.

I love you.
I really want to hear from you. See you at the top!!!

People will always say things are hard, life is tough hence I can’t start a business.

Personally if it was easy with me in the past, Multilevel Marketing will be a least option for me. I dreamed of working in the bank, I love serene environments but reality hit on me after staying at home for almost two years without a job. When things aren’t going on well, Ladies and gentlemen, friends, that is a time to step out and try something new.

We are in a trial moment in the world, many are loosing jobs, panic and economy dwindling but I bring good news about a business I have done for about 1 year 8 months and it has paid me well in 6 figures weekly. I have the privilege to help other people. I believe this can be your story.

I turned down this business 3 years ago while I was in school because I didn't understand it and felt by the time I'm done with school I will get a good job immediately so I wasn’t open minded until reality stared at me when I couldn’t get any job after service I told myself it was time to consider Multilevel marketing.

Today the Corona virus is making a lot people to loose jobs. So I ask, Do you have a plan B if you loose your job? Do you have a plan B if the expected job doesn't come immediately? What if you could have a new car yearly and travel around the world as added incentives, would you take the offer? If I show you a business that has been paying me above 100K weekly would you want to know more? Have you started creating a system that will continue paying you even while you sleep? If your answer to the questions is NO then please pay attention to what I have to share with you. Please keep an open mind.

Wealth creation as a whole is what I am sharing with you. You might have heard about Longrich severally but probably haven't given it a thought or you don't know how it works. I am going to be very honest with you, Longrich is a business that is worth giving a trial.

This site you are viewing is 100% real. As I explained earlier, I am a fresh graduate and I rounded up my service when this business opportunity was presented again to me.

Few years ago, I taught that Longrich was about buying and selling and I was comparing it with GNLD. Once Longrich is mentioned, the next thing that comes into my mind was their tooth paste and other products that I have been hearing about. A lot of people are still having that same taught today. I met a man few weeks ago and immediately I told him, I am a brand ambassador of Longrich. He said “yes, I am using your tooth paste”. I asked him “Sir is that the only thing you know about Longrich?” He said “yes”. I had to plead for 10 minutes of his time to explain more about this business platform.

Longrich is huge business, it is not about buying and selling products, it is more than that, until you step in, until you grab your own space, until you secure your own spot, you may not know how big it is and how it can actually change your life. I took the decision to join this business, and I have not regretted about it.

Because of the decision I made, a lot of people around me have been experiencing the tremendous change in their finances and not about giving money personally, it helps you build yourself (self-development) and it helps you to be a blessings to other people. Suddenly, you become a leader of thousands, this is amazing, it means you are touching people's life. And what more can we ask for than opportunity to touch people's life.

You are going to be earning steadily every Thursday; you also have the chance of qualifying for several trips. I tell you this is the only business that you can start today and rise to the top. It gives you the opportunity to qualify for cars, the company will not give the car to you, they give you the cash and you go out there and buy a car of your choice. You also have a chance of qualifying for scholarship. Imagine, because of you, someone in your family have the privilege of schooling in one of the best universities in the world.

Are you still doubting by youself with this question: Is it going to work for me? Is it real? Yes, it has worked for me; it has worked for millions of people in Nigeria, outside Nigeria and other countries. It is working for people across the globe. It will work for you. I give you 100% guaranteed and assurance of you coming in and just be willing to learn the robes. I tell you that you will be the next person presenting this business to people.

What marvels me the most is that I see many professions such as Doctors, Scientists, Bankers, Actors and Actresses, Oil and gas workers, Engineers, Politicians and government/ private workers in this platform. Most of them have resigned from their high profile jobs to concentrate in Longrich after 1 or 2 years of testing the waters. I am not persuading you to resign from your job but I am saying you can make this another source of income for yourself. The truth is that the world is heading to a time where one source of income is no longer enough. Longrich is a platform that has helped me personally, I am now living my dreams, there were things I wanted to do in my life and I am beginning to do them now. This is the beauty of the business. It is a stepping stone to what you want to achieve in life.

Longrich is a platform that will help you to fulfil your dream. Whatever you feel that is your dream, Longrich is your stepping stone to actualize that dream. There is no need to procrastinate. There is no need to say Ok, let me think about it. This is the best time to get started.

Please bear in mind that Longrich BIOSCIENCE is 100% legit.

The whole concept about Longrich Business is to have you switch your brand and get paid from the things that takes money away from you every day.

A quick question, do you use the listed items daily?

Toothpaste Soap Sanitary Pad Body cream Rollon or Antiperspirant Insecticides Shoes Make ups Home and kitchen utensils bags Shampos Health supplements Power bank and more products numerous to mention.

The truth is that when we go to the market to get these household products, we don't really get value for using them. Most of these products are made of synthetic inorganic materials and therefore pose health threats to our bodies. This is why Longrich is presenting to you a healthier line of products made from nature and purely organic ranging from toothpaste, soap, body cream, and health supplements, etc. All what is needed from you is to change your daily household supplies to Longrich products and get paid for switching your brand and creating the awareness. The beauty of Longrich Bioscience International is that you start from no way and become somebody from somewhere.

Let us look at the company’s profile


Longrich Bioscience International is a 34 years old multinational company from China established in 1986 operating in over 200 countries with research institutes in New York, France, Japan and China. The founder of Longrich Bioscience International is Mr Xu.Zhiwei who is one of the richest men in the world. The company manufactures under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)/ ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) for big brands like GSK, FESCO, WALMART, UNILEVER, etc but gains multinational level marketing as their give back to the society.

It will interest you to know that some of the products like Sensodyne toothpaste was manufactured for GSK by Longrich. Longrich Bioscience International manufactures sensodyne toothpaste for the whole of Asia and beyond.

Currently Longrich is Building a world class research and development centre and a Longrich Bioscience laboratory where quality products are researched which is Longrich Africa and it headquarters, it has been analysed and certified for quality consumable products in Lekki trade free zone, Lagos State, Nigeria. It has come to stay with great plans and incentives for her partners. Below is the recent video of Longrich factory in lekki free trade zone, Lagos State, Nigeria, Africa. You are not partnering with a roadside business, watch the video below.

Longrich is a manufacturing company and also a shopping mall which is different from other shopping centers where you go there to buy your daily consumables like toothpastes, soaps, creams, roll-ons, etc and after buying, they say to you "thank you and come again". But when you shop with Longrich, a special code is generated for you. You use the code to order for more products and also invite your friends, families, colleagues and more people to join you. At the end of each week Longrich appreciates your effort for telling these people by paying you in cash. If other shopping centers were paying us each time we shop with them and also referring people, you can imagine how much we will be making. Longrich says use our products, invite others and get paid weekly.

Longrich products are highly consumable, the multinational company have a global presence in over 230 countries, they have invested in landed property, 8 Research Facilities worldwide and the upcoming factory in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Longrich is building a trans-generational wealth meant for you and your generations ahead.

It reminds the brief story of Sir Tafalewa Balewa (The Former Prime Minister of Nigeria) and Cocacola. In the past when coke came into existence in Nigeria. They sold 25 bottles of drink only in a year. They were not making a lot of income but their drinks were expensive and of a good quality. The company did not relent effort, Cocacola had a meeting of partnering with Sir Tafelewa Balewa. He took up the case and partner with Cocacola.

Cocacola has been able to sold out 5 million bottles of drink a day after being sponsored by the Prime Minister. Today, Cocacola is the highest selling beverages in the world, selling out 25 million bottles of drink a day while 5% of each drink that was sold is paid into Tafalewa’s family account daily. Also the same, MTN is popularly known as the world widest network by the partnership of Former President Olusegun Obasenjo. These Heroes are models of trans-generational wealth.

How Longrich Operates

It is simple, Longrich produces our daily consumables like toothpaste, cream, soap, pad, roll on, etc. Longrich says switch your brand to our brand by buying these products from us to become a partner, introduce your friends and family to also switch their brand and start getting paid weekly.

Each of these products has their prices and Product Values (PV). It is this PV that will enable you to earn well and rank higher from one level to another. THE REGISTRATION IS FREE BUT YOU NEED TO PURCHASE PRODUCTS INORDER TO HAVE PRODUCT VALUES. I WILL GUIDE YOU. This is the reason you need to register with one of the packages that is listed below. You get the products that worth the package of registration. You earned through product values (PV).

After registration, three (3) good spaces has been created for your downlines. The more the number of downlines (i.e. the people that joins you), the higher your ranks and earnings. You can also get more PVs by ordering for more products.

There is no selfishness in Long Rich.

If your downlines are complete, the rest of the people will be placed under your downlines, also the same to your downlines and so on.

Benefits of Partnering with Longrich

The same thing we do on daily basis is what Longrich partners do and they get paid. The business concept is very simple. Below are the benefits you will get from partnering with this brand.

Wealth creation via Team leverage

With Longrich, you and your loved ones can live a better and healthy life. Each downlines that sees this site and get registered comes under you.

No time frame (No pressure)

You do not stress yourself going around looking for downlines. My team does that. This is the reason we introduce online platform for everyone.

Weekly bonus payment

Longrich pays every thursday of the week. It is paid directly into your bank account. No cheque or cash withdrawal from anywhere in the name of Longrich.

Leadership easily achieved

Every downlines that comes under you makes you a leader. Longrich also credit you leadership bonus for every downlines that is sponsored under you.

Qualifying for Trips and Incentives

You get qualified for trips to overseas, 4 years BSc and Executive MBA scholarship in which you can transfer to anybody and incentives such as cars and housing.

Become a Star director

Longrich gives you opportunity to earn shares globally with the company as a star director. A Star director is the highest rank of the company. You also own your own stockist center.

Video Presentation

Let me share with you a video presentation that will summarize everything you need to know about the company.

People would always say it's difficult to invite people to this life changing opportunity. My Friends and Love ones those nonsense are over. I have not stress any of my downlines to go around searching for people to join the team. I think outside the box, I sacrifice myself in building a magnificient team with my whatsapp social media and now going viral on the internet.

When I started. I never hosted a seminar or sold products or going looking for downlines on streets but rather I used my PHONE to connect with people all over the whole hence built a team of 13,661 members (currently, who are partners in Longrich Bioscience International).

longrich backoffice evidence

Yes, you heard me right? The same phone you have mine has made me a Millionaire from home yours can make you a millionaire too based on the business you do. I used the advantage of SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS gone are those days when networking business was difficult, in recent times it's a different ball game. The beauty of what we do is the lives that we touch in the process of starting our own dreams. This 18 months journey has also produced other cars and trip qualifiers in my team.

All you need in this business is DETERMINED MIND and all will fall in place. Determination leads to success. No one joins a multi Level Marketing company with downlines ready to join them, I had that same fear but I decided to live above my fear and take the bull by the horn being determined to succeed. Determination is all you need. Life itself is a network of people. Every growing business requires people, so always our business.

You really should give longrich a trial.

How to Partner with this Company

There are six (6) different packages. To get started, Choose any package of your choice. Products that worths the package of registration will be given to you. The packages are as follows:

Q silver Package

The registration price is NGN 40,000.00 with product values of 60pvs, you earn 8% of your downlines weekly activities.

Sliver Package

The registration price is NGN 70,000.00 with product values of 120pvs, you earn 8% of your downlines weekly activities.

Gold Package

The Registration price is NGN 120,000.00 with product values of 240pvs, you earn 10% of your downlines weekly activities.

Platinum Package

The registration price is NGN 320,000.00 with product values of 720pvs, you earn 12% of your downlines weekly activities.

Platinum VIP Package

The registration price is NGN 750,000.00 with product values of 1680pvs, also you get 12% of your downlines weekly activities and you earn 1% monthly global sales.

Starter Package

The registration price is NGN 10,050.00 with product values of 4pvs, you earn referral bonus only every week for some time. It is also called Combo Pack.


Happy to share with you that the Q Silver promo is on going instead of registering with Q silver package of NGN 40,000.00 you can now register with as low as this:

Option 1

The registration price is NGN 29,850.00 with product values of 64pvs.

Option 2

The registration price is NGN 30,150.00 with product values of 61.45pvs.

Option 3

The registration price is NGN 30,300.00 with product values of 60.45pvs.

Option 4

The registration price is NGN 31,380.00 with product values of 60.75pvs.

Option 5

The registration price is NGN 31,750.00 with product values of 60.5pvs.

Option 6

The registration price is NGN 33,800.00 with product values of 60pvs.

Option 7

The registration price is NGN 29,250.00 with product values of 60pvs.

Option 8

The registration price is NGN 34,250.00 with product values of 64pvs.

Option 9

The registration price is NGN 35,850.00 with product values of 64pvs.


Happy to share with you that the Silver promo is on going instead of registering with Silver package of NGN 75,000.00 you can now register with as low as this:

Option 1

The registration price is NGN 52,350.00 with product values of 120.25pvs.

Option 2

The registration price is NGN 56,350.00 with product values of 120pvs.

Option 3

The registration price is NGN 57,350.00 with product values of 124pvs.

Option 4

The registration price is NGN 59,600.00 with product values of 121pvs.

Option 5

The registration price is NGN 63,700.00 with product values of 120.6pvs.


Below is the Longrich International Bank account details. You will have your money back instantly in product of your choice 100%:
Bank NameAccount NameAccount Number

Zenith Bank

Longliqi International Nigeria Limited


Make payment and fill the form below.

Using the price list, choose products worth the entry level PV of your choice as shown below.

Starter Package

Minimum PV required: 4
Estimated amount: GHS 152.00
Earning:  You earn referral bonuses.

Q silver Package

Minimum PV required: 60
Estimated amount: GHS 570.00
Earning:  8% of your downlines weekly activities.

Sliver Package

Minimum PV required: 120
Estimated amount: GHS 970.00
Earning: 8% of your downlines weekly activities.

Gold Package

Minimum PV required: 240
Estimated amount: GHS 1,750.00
Earnings: 10% of your downlines weekly activities.

Platinum Package

Minimum PV required: 720
Estimated amount: GHS 7,500.00
Earning:  12% of your downlines weekly activities.

Platinum VIP Package

Minimum PV required: 1,680
Estimated amount: GHS 11,500.00
Earning:  You earn 1% share of global sales + 12% weekly bonus! Registering with VIP makes you Diamond 2.


Below is the Longrich International Bank account details. You will have your money back instantly in product of your choice 100%:

Bank NameAccount NameAccount Number

Zenith Bank Ghana

Longrich International (Gh) Limited


Make payment and fill the form below.


Choose the registration option below and fill the form:


Choose the package you want. Make payment to the company account details above. Fill the form below and submit it for your registration. Your unique code and products will be given to you afterwards. Ensure to make payment before filling the form.



If you feel comfortable of registering with our sponsor/ placement codes in any of the Longrich Stockist Center around you, then fill the form below to request for sponsor/ placement codes. Ensure to register with the right Sponsor/ Placement code sent to you.



Phone number:


Email Address:


Why you should choose Longrich
Longrich is amazing. Watch the mind blowing video from our Partners. Longrich is for you and your generations ahead.
"Thanks so much for your time. Digest the presentation and let’s get started. I really need to hear your success story let’s build wealth together. I love you. I am committed to your success.
Cheers to your continuous success.
Kudos to Vgroup team, I love you all.
vgroup team profile
Mr. Ubong Udo
A business coach and a Brand Consultant with Longrich Bioscience International

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Frequently Asked Question
How can I join your team from another country?
Wherever you are so as far as Longrich is concern, it is easy to join my team. Request for Sponsor/ placement code by filling the form above. The codes will be sent to you immediately. Use it to register in any Longrich center around you.
What will I get after registration?
You get products that worth the package you registered. You get your own Sponsor/ placement codes if you wish to sponsor others to become your downlines. You have access to the Longrich back office and also you start earning and qualifying for trips and incentives.
What is downlines?
Downlines are people that comes under you. You earn and rank higher depending on your downlines efforts. If you join Longrich as a starter and your 3 downlines join Longrich as Silver, you earn well and rank to be a silver member and so on.
What is the minimum registration?
The minimum registration is NGN 10,050.00 (this is for starter package).
How long is the registration?
Depending on the stockist center you found yourself, it takes between 30 mins. - 1 hour to get you registered.
Do you also register people?
Absolutely yes. You make payment into the Longrich account details above and also fill the registration form.
How real is this business?
It is real, you may search for Longrich Bioscience International and see it for yourself. It is 100% legit.
How can I trust your team?
Team means Together Everyone Achieves More. My team is 100% legit and you have seen list of testimonials displayed on the popup. Without trust, We won't have succeeded up to this. We are aware of fraudulent activities ongoing in the internet, we are trust worthy and can never disappoint anybody.
What do I need to have so as to join Longrich?
You don't need silver or Gold to become a member. Get registered with the registration package above ensure you follow the payment procedure. Leave the rest to Vgroup team, we will help you get downlines.
How can I earn very well in Longrich?
You earn very well in Longrich by joining a team or having a team. No man is an island and there is no selfishness in Longrich.
How can I get the products if I register with the team online?
The products will be sent to you after registration ensure you fill in the appropriate details in the registration form so as to contact you.
How long will it take to get the products after online registration?
It takes not more than a day to get the products.
The Bank Account Name does not match with the Company's Name. Why?
Longliqi is the Chinese name of the manufacturing Company while Longrich is the English name. Longrich is the general name used in other countries.
Do I get paid for selling the products?
No! you don't get paid for selling the products. You get paid for purchasing the products and referring anyone.
After registering when do I start earning?
You start earning once you are on board!
Do Longrich has compensational plan?
Yes there is a compensational plan. Click here to download Longrich compensational plan
What if some one join and can't refer any one before they can start earning, what happens next?
I don't stress my downlines for that. If you register, you are a downline to my downlines and if another person register, he or she becomes your downline. It is first come first serve.
Do your team last?
If Longrich falls then my team falls simple!!!
Can I change the default password?
Absolutely yes. It is mandatory for security purpose as your sponsor code will be used to refer others. Also beware of any body diverting you from us in the name of vgroup team. They are all scammers, if you have any of them around you. Please report them to check if they are geniunely our members. We don't want anybody to blame us on anything.
It is my first time of hearing this. I don't understand anything at all?
You are invited to our whatsapp presentation Click here to join.
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